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This category contains all protein supplements.
- Whey protein is a milk protein that is rapidly digested and absorbed into the body.
Therefore, whey protein is best taken immediately after waking up and / or immediately after training.
There are 3 kinds of whey:
> Whey concentrate is the residue that occurs when milk passes through a filter to make cheese.
Whey concentrate contains, in addition to proteins, naturally fats and sugars (including lactose).
      > Whey isolate is a purified form of whey concentrate, which is obtained after an extra step during the production process.
The isolate contains less sugars than the concentrate variant, which means that the protein content per 100gr is higher in a whey isolate.
      > Whey hydrolisate is the third variant and, in turn, is even more pure than the isolate.

Virtually all whey products on the market are a combination of these 3 types of whey. The ratio per product determines the difference in protein content per 100gr, the number of sugars and often the difference in price.

- Casein is also a milk protein but with a much slower recording time. This ensures gradual and continuous absorption in the body. Hence, casein shakes are drunk to bridge longer periods without meals, fore instance just before bedtime.