Walkthrough for Business Website


  1. Creating an account
  2. Account dashboard
  3. Shopping
  4. Shipping costs & Discounts
  5. Placing orders
  6. Follow up


1.    Creating an account

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough


  • When visiting the website, you can first choose the language in the top right corner.

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough



  • Click on “MY ACCOUNT” underneath the language selection to:
    - log in if you already have an account
         - create an account if you are new to our website

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough

  • When creating a new account, please make sure to :
         - Enter the company address (Billing address) first
         - Select (and enter) the shipping address if this is different from the billing address
         - Enter a valid VAT-number

After the account has been successfully created, this account needs to be approved by our office first. This way we can avoid that private customers would be able to access our website. This will not take longer than 24 hours, but before you have received the confirmation email, you will not be able to log in and see the prices yet.
                                                                               Thank you for understanding



2.    Account dashboard

  • After logging in to the account you, will be send to the general overview of your account.

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough

Here you can:
     - Check if the billing and shipping addresses are correct.

  • After checking the general information, please be sure to make a visit to the next item in the menu: “Account Information”.

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough

Here you can:
     - Check if the VAT-number is correct
     - Change the password



3.    Shopping

  • Before starting to shop, please check that the log in was successful. When staying inactive for a while, you might get logged off automatically.
    You can verify this by checking the top right corner. If it says “Welcome, …” you are ready to shop.

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough



                If you only see the words “My account” in the top right corner, please log in again to the website in order to continue.

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough



  • By clicking on the “Real Nutrition Wholesalelogo on the top of the page, you will always be re-directed to the homepage.

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough



4.    Shipping costs & Discounts

  • On the homepage, we have displayed the general discounts and shipping fees;

We offer free shipping on orders over  € 100,00 (ex VAT)
and extra discounts on bigger orders:
                On orders over  € 200,00 (ex VAT) a discount of 5% is granted
                On orders over  € 350,00 (ex VAT) a discount of 10% is granted
                On orders over  € 500,00 (ex VAT) a discount of 15% is granted
                On orders over  € 850,00 (ex VAT) a discount of 20% is granted


  • We also have several categories for special promotions;

     - category PROMOTIES

     - category STOCKVERKOOP


  • Discounts will also be counted on the categories that already have promotions.
  • Discounts will be counted on all products (accessories, nutrition and clothes can be combined freely)
  • All discounts will automatically be counted at the checkout.



5.    Placing orders

  • By clicking on “CART” a new screen will open with a complete overview of your current order.Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough


  • In this overview, you can still change the quantity of the chosen products, or even delete them completely
  • When discounts have been rewarded this will also be mentioned in the light blue bar.
                        (note: for every new level [€200, €350, €500, €850] an extra 5% discount will be added, this to
                        ensure a total discount of [5%, 10%, 15%, 20%] according to the total amount of the order)

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough



  • Underneath the list of all products you can select your country to calculate the shipping fee. When your order is over € 100,00 (ex VAT) the shipment will be free.
  • On the right you will see the total amount:
    - After all discounts
         - Including shipping fee
         - Ex VAT for non-Belgian clients | Incl VAT for Belgian clients

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough



  • By clicking on the button “Proceed to Checkout” the final steps before completion will open.

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough

  • Please be sure to:

     - check the billing address (and shipping address if they are different)
     - choose the shipping method
     - choose the payment method
                NOTE: in case you have some questions or remarks, you can choose the option
                ‘BANK TRANSFER’, this will confirm the order, without asking for immediate payment.
     - read and agree with the Terms & Conditions

  • Scroll down and click on “BUY” to complete the order



6.    Follow up

  • In your account, under the tittle ‘My orders’ you will have an overview of all previous orders and their current status.

Real Nutrition Wholesale Walkthrough






Please feel free to contact us in case you wish further information


Wagenmakerijstraat 12
8600 Diksmuide

MAIL: info@realnutrition.be

TEL: 0032 471 55 12 65