Shipping costs

Shipping costs


=> fixed delivery day (within 8 business days)
we schedule your delivery according to our delivery schedule and inform you on which day the order will be delivered.

=> express delivery (within 2 business days)
your order can also be delivered within 2 business days, with a contribution to the shipping costs.
the contribution to shipping costs (ex VAT) is:

          € 5,95 if the gross weight of the order < 15kg
          € 11,95 if 15kg <the gross weight of the order < 30kg
          € 16,95
if 30kg < the gross weight of the order



=> The delivery will be sent out 1 business day after receiving the payment for the pro forma invoice.
Shipping costs (ex VAT) are charged according to the ordered weight;

€ 9,95 per 18 kg