Terms and Conditions



Name of company: Real Nutrition bvba
Trading under the names: Яeal Nutrition, Real Nutrition Wholesale
 www.realnutrition.be , www.realnutritionwholesale.be

Business address:
Akkerstraat 11 bus 9984
8750 Zwevezele

Phone: 0471 55 12 65
Email: info@realnutrition.be

Friday: 9h30-16h30
Saturday: 9h30-16h30

VAT number BE 0639.947.206

Article 2. GENERAL

2.1 These terms are applicable to all purchase and sale offers / contracts for goods, services and contracts of Real Nutrition. Additions or deviations from these conditions must be agreed in writing.

2.2 The rights and obligations under agreements between Real Nutrition and the counterparty can not be transferred to third parties by the counterparty, except with the written permission of Real Nutrition.

2.3 By creating an account at Real Nutrition website or placing an order with Real Nutrition assumes the counterparty these terms and conditions.

2.4 Real Nutrition has the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions. The changes to these terms and conditions are binding and are deemed to be accepted as soon as it is notified to the counterparty and unless written protest or reservation by the counterparty within eight calendar days for disclaimers.

2.5 The manager of Real Nutrition to give agreement to the representatives, agents or employees of Real Nutrition to conclude any agreement.

Article 3. OFFERS

3.1 All offers are without engagement and are valid while stocks last. An offer that includes not legally be revoked by Real Nutrition a time even after receipt of order.

3.2 All information, announcements and listings on the website or in commercial publications of Real Nutrition is of an informative nature and do not constitute a binding agreement. Only by explicitly accepted order or a written agreement creates an obligation.


4.1 The agreement between Real Nutrition and the counterparty is only valid if Яeal Nutrition confirms the order in writing. These general conditions supplemented by a confirmation determine the content of the agreement.

4.2 The agreed delivery time can be omitted if there is requested an additional order.

4.3 Off-line orders can arrive at a valid agreement, even if there is no signature of the other party, if the requirements described in these terms and conditions are met.

4.4 All products can be ordered, there is no minimum or maximum purchase is required. But can an intervention in transport costs due to the counterparty will be required, as stated under Article 5.

Article 5. PRICES

5.1 All quotations are given in Euros but exclude VAT, unless otherwise stated. Transport costs are not included in this price. 

5.2 Product descriptions on the website and in commercial publications of Real Nutrition can always be changed by the representative of Real Nutrition.

5.3 Real Nutrition can make price changes after the conclusion of a contract by a price change in product-related factors such as taxes, raw materials, materials, packaging, etc. The other party has the right to terminate the agreement if the price change is greater than 10% at a product. The termination must be made in writing to Real Nutrition within seven days of receipt of the notification by Real Nutrition of this price change. The party can not claim damages from such termination.

5.4 Real Nutrition is authorized to request advance payments and impose guarantees.

Article 6. PAYMENT

6.1 Online orders can only be paid through the scheduled payment options. The payment terms that apply agreed upon invoicing between Real Nutrition and the counterparty.

6.2 Payment by invoice, provided expressly agreed, the payment period is respected imposed by Real Nutrition.

6.3 The counterparty is in default over the imposed payment without being required notice, regardless of whether the crossing may or may not be attributable to the counterparty. The delivered goods remain for buying / selling property of Real Nutrition to the counterparty has made full payment of the sale price.

6.4 If the invoice is not paid before the due date of the invoice, Real Nutrition may charge interest on the outstanding amount of 10% per month or part of a month as from the due date.


7.1 The other party has the right to return a product within 14 days after delivery of the product, provided that the package is broken. This right shall lapse if the products are put into use.

7.2 Conditions for the return of Products: The product should not be used and returned salable as new product. The product is undamaged, complete and returned in original packaging.

7.3 Real Nutrition will pay the counterparty within 30 days of receipt of the returned product.


8.1 Real Nutrition strives to process all orders as quickly as possible and send. The period is defined between reception and transmission at a maximum period of 5 days. The specified in the offer and / or order confirmation referred to agreed delivery period is not as strict deadline and is only approximate, even if it has been explicitly accepted by the counterparty.

8.2 After handing over the order to the transport company, any liability for Real Nutrition. Damaging or stories extinction of the order will from that moment on the conveyor.

8.3 may be different delivery times to deliveries abroad.

8.4 The delivery period shall be extended if:
- There is a slowdown in manufacturing, shipping or other circumstances preventing regardless of this delay can be attributed to Real Nutrition.
- The counterparty fails to fulfill its obligations or if the well-founded fear that the other party does not fulfill its obligations.
- Real Nutrition can not fulfill its obligations because the counterparty for example, did not mention the place of delivery.

8.5 If an order can not be delivered through the fault of the customer (wrong address / name / ...) than the verschuldige contribution for the return of the order will be passed on to the customer.

8.6 The risk of damage and destruction of the products is transferred to the counterparty from the time of delivery, so as soon as the other party has made available the goods. The exemption from liability for Real Nutrition complied with Article 8.2.

8.7 For each order, made by a professional client, with delivery in Belgium, a contribution will be charged in shipping costs amounting to € 5.95 (excl. VAT). However, the customer is automatically exempted from these contributions for orders over € 100.00 (excl. VAT).
8.7bis For each order, made by a professional client, with delivery in the Netherlands, France, Germany or Luxembourg, a contribution to the shipping costs will be charged in the amount of € 7.95 (excl VAT). However, the customer is automatically exempted from these contributions for orders over € 100.00 (excl. VAT).

8.8 Orders are in principle only be sent upon receipt of payment.
By agreement is possible deviation, but this derogation should also be confirmed in writing by both parties before payment terms are allowed.


9.1 Real Nutrition implement the agreements still as good as possible, according to insight, ability and good workmanship.

9.2 Real Nutrition is authorized, without the consent of the counterparty to outsource the task or parts of the contract or to commission third parties who are not employed by Real Nutrition.

9.3 The counterparty provides Real Nutrition with all information necessary to perform the contract. If Real Nutrition fails to provide the necessary information, the execution of the agreement may be suspended.

Article 10. GUARANTEE

10.1 Real Nutrition guarantees that all goods / products are appropriate and legally permissible for the purpose for which they were intended.

10.2 Real Nutrition guarantees the quality of the delivered products. If a product was unusable due to damage during transportation or if the products do not match the order, then the counterparty has the option to return these products. The cost of returning shall be borne by the other party, unless the express error of Real Nutrition can be demonstrated.

10.3 The counterparty is required to read the information and advice on the products.


10.1 Real Nutrition has the right to terminate the agreement immediately without judicial intervention, in whole or in part or to suspend if:
- Counterparty acts contrary to one of the provisions of the agreement between the counterparty and Real Nutrition.
- The party dies or filed for bankruptcy.
- Are seized on any asset of the counterparty.

Article 12. LIABILITY

12.2 Real Nutrition is liable only for intent or gross negligence by executives.

12.1 Real Nutrition is not liable for intent or (gross) negligence of which were selected for the implementation of the agreement, but are not employed by the company.

Article 13. Force majeure

13.1 Force majeure means an unforeseeable and not preventable event, thus adhering to a commitment or obligation impossible. Examples of force majeure: war, government measures, lack of raw materials, strikes, epidemics, weather conditions, disruptions in the plant or in transport, etc.

13.2 Real Nutrition can rely on force majeure to the agreement whether to terminate or suspend without compensation of damages.


14.1 Real Nutrition guarantees the privacy of data of the counterparty.


15.1 If one or more provisions not / are not fully valid from the agreement with the other party, the other legal provisions shall remain in full force. Searching for the non legal provisions for an appropriate legal regime.


16.1 Real Nutrition owns at all times the intellectual property of all designs, logos, shapes, marks, domain names, trade names, company names, composition, taste characterizations and other visual / commercial specifications.